Forming a question for the Tarot

Are you looking for a general reading or one that is related to a specific issue?  The following information will help you think about what question(s) you might want to look at for your reading.

The best questions to the Tarot start with “how” or “what” followed closely by those that start with “where”, “why”, and “who”.   Questions should be about yourself or a situation you are in and not about another person.  For example, a good question might be “What do I need to know to make my relationship work with my partner?” as opposed to “Why doesn’t my partner love me?”.  Or “How can I increase my chances of getting a promotion?” rather than “Am I going to get a new job?”. 

The Tarot offers information and insight about you and your life path.  It does not predict the future as well all have our own free will to do what we want to do…  the Tarot lets you know what is likely to happen if you continue on in your current path.  Know this affords you the opportunity to change things should you so desire!  Just so you know, sometimes you will ask a specific question but find that the reading seems to answer or address a totally different situation…  When that happens, you usually receive information that is important to you but that you might not have been aware of yourself!


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